Photographer Business Help – New Orleans, LightPro!

What do you get when you cross several amazing photographers, an iconic city, and parties? I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure it will be a ton of fun, and I’ll let you know! 😉

I am SO thrilled and honored to be a part of an amazing event that is coming up!


It is an honor to be coaching alongside some amazing photographers, and this is an event not to be missed. If you are a professional photographer that needs help with your business – whether it’s shooting, artificial/studio lighting, sales, or anything in between, this is a not-to-be missed event! I have seen the schedule and promise it will be well worth the investment. There are even opportunities and contests to attend at a discounted rate, check out the community here!

I will personally be teaching a shooting event on couples boudoir – a specialty of mine – and will also be teaching in person sales while I’m there. Among other things. 😉 Seriously, check out this lineup of rockstars, and then come join us.

You can learn more about the event and register to attend here!
If you’d like to read more about what I will be teaching, you can read my coach page here.


I have never been to New Orleans, and would love to connect with you while I’m there! Need help with your business? Let’s chat, I have a free day and am looking forward to some amazing food. And who wants to eat alone? Not my style – let’s have a meal and chat! We can bond over seafood. Because this landlocked girl is fully planning to go into a food coma after gorging on some amazingly fresh seafood while I’m there!

One more quick note – there is a brand new resource available on my site, where you can see upcoming travel, current happenings, and what the heck is going on right NOW! Click here to see the new NOW page, and connect with me in one of several amazing destinations! Because who wouldn’t want to travel somewhere awesome, and grow their business all at the same time?