Hello hello there awesome entrepreneurs!

I have been asked for YEARS to teach SEO for photographers in various forums, and I have always turned it down.

Why? Because it is something that is ever changing and constantly evolving, and I don’t want to have to keep up with those changes.

However, there are some basic steps that you can take to change your website and make it more friendly when it comes to search engines. And no matter how many changes there are, if you implement a few select things when it comes to your SEO strategy, it will do nothing but HELP you.

I know I know, there are a lot of “experts” when it comes to SEO. I see them all the time.

“Well I heard this.”

“You’re supposed to do…”

Some of them are well-meaning, some of them are jackasses, and some of them just want you to pay them a lot of money so they can get you to page one on Google.

But let me be crystal clear: anyone who makes that promise to you is full of shit.

Because no one can promise you that without PAYING to be on the front page, or using some shady tactics that could get you seriously punished. It is an ever changing atmosphere and puzzle, that will not stop changing. Google and other search engines do that on purpose, so that the crazies don’t find a way to cheat the system!

So what can YOU do to make your website more searchable, and ultimately found by the people who want to work with you the most?

There are a few small steps that you can implement that I almost NEVER see happening on photographers’ websites that will help a LOT.

SEO isn’t easy. It’s not meant to be easy. But you can take some small steps.

And because it isn’t something that I can really lay out in a blog post, I’ve decided to host a free online course.

photographer-seo-help, seo-for-photographers, photographer-website-help, professional-photographer-business

It will be about an hour long, and will have a question and answer portion as well – so make sure to bring your burning questions, and I will help you! There is no pitch, there is no HEY BUY MY SHIT at the end, just an hour of SEO help and awesome information to help you start to see results.

This SEO for Photographers course has limited spots, so if you’re interested and want to learn more, click here to register, or click on the image above.

There WILL be a recording, so even if you can’t make the live session, register so you can get access to the recording later. Plus, even if you can make it live, I promise you’re probably going to want to listen to it live again anyway. There will be so many ACTIONABLE steps that you can take!

I can’t wait to see you there, and help you get found! Let’s get these websites rolling and going with some amazing content!

photographer-seo-help, seo-for-photographers, photographer-website-help, professional-photographer-business