You know that moment when you’ve just moved to a new city, and it strikes you that you can make your business into anything you want it to be? (If not, lucky you!)

Well, that’s where I was. It’s both an exciting and a terrifying place to be!

One phone conversation with Brooke later, and I had a purpose and a direction. I was more than ready to do the work, but I really, really needed that spark! Brooke specializes in empowering people to find that spark, both in her boudoir clients and the creative entrepreneurs she comes in contact with. And I’m absolutely sure that The Roaring Brand would not be here without her!

Brooke has an incredible wealth of business knowledge.

Everything from how to handle a tricky situation, to wording an email perfectly, or helping you market to the right crowd. She really gets you thinking in a different direction and helps you expands on your ideas. Brooke has a true talent for teaching and inspiring others in their businesses. For me personally not only has she taught me so much about myself as a business owner but also helped me focus the direction I want to go. Brooke is driven and supportive which is a wonderful combination in a mentor.

Brooke is an incredible businesswoman, and a wealth of knowledge. I have marveled at her awareness and understanding of so many fundamental aspects that make her business successful…and have been so fortunate to have her help me first hand! I have learned more form Brooke in a personal one hour session than I have spending countless hours researching online, watching tutorials and sitting through lectures. I would recommend Brooke for business coaching in a heartbeat!
I’ve been fortunate enough to know Brooke for almost five years now. During that time, I’ve never met another business woman so knowledgeable, level headed or supportive.

Brooke has educated herself on so many different levels that there has yet to be a topic I haven’t been comfortable asking her about. From branding and SEO, to ethical business practices and marketing, she has given me solid advice every single time I’ve asked.

I know I can trust Brooke to be honest with me. Yet she always seems to find a way to let me know if I’m on the right track or not in a very constructive way. I’m not afraid that she’s going to judge me or laugh at me, because she’s worked hard to get where she is and she knows where I’m coming from.

Whether you’re starting out, rebranding, or just need a new edge in your already booming business, I would highly recommend reaching out to Brooke as your business coach.