My Top 10 Tips to Kickass At WPPI – WPPI Tips for Photographers {Ep 030}

In this episode, we are going to talk about my top 10 tips and tricks when attending WPPI and other business or photography conferences. I realize that today’s episode is going to be very photographer focused, but I promise that 90% of the tips will actually apply to any business conference you attend! Ready for some WPPI tips for photographers – and other business conferences?

If you’re like BROOKE I’m going how can we connect I don’t need to read the rest – I got you. Check out my speaker page here, to see my schedule! (Spoiler alert – Tuesday at 8am, you won’t want to miss it!) 

This is definitely going to age me – but I have been attending WPPI since 2011. And I had to search WAY back in the email archives to figure that out for you! I have gone every single year since 2011, except for 2015, because I had just given birth. You know, kind of an important process, right?

You probably remember my previous article about WPPI tips for photographers and tricks – and some of these will overlap. Some are new though, with new information as well! This week we’re going to talk about tips and tricks, and next week I have some special surprises because we are going to chat about the REASONS you should go to WPPI.

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Ready? Let’s break down my WPPI tips for photographers & other business conferences! 

Key Topics:

  • My top 10 WPPI tips for photographers – so you can kickass and make the MOST out of this conference, and other business conferences!

Major Takeaways:

  • Tip #1: What to do BEFORE you leave… (2:49)
  • Tip #2: One of my favorite tips! (5:13)
  • Tip #3: Yes, I’m picky, but you’ll need a good one of these… (9:13)
  • Tip #4: One of the most ignored features of WPPI, and one of the most important! (10:35)
  • Tip #5: You don’t want the WPPI plague, right? (12:56)
  • Tip #6: Look for these, not as common but SO worth it. (15:33)
  • Tip #7: Time to get out of your shell… (16:57)
  • Tip #8: Do you belong to one of these? (19:07)
  • Tip #9: Shoes, glorious shoes! (20:15)
  • Tip #10: What to do AFTER you get home! (22:16)

Now What?