Top 5 Website Mistakes {Ep038}

Hello there, awesome business owners! This is something that I have wanted to cover for awhile: the top small business website mistakes that I see over and over again. Truly – when I sat down to write this episode, I came up with a list of over TWENTY mistakes that I see consistently. Some kind of went together with others, but overall there are a few things that I see consistently when I do website reviews and work with students.

Right now, we are still working through some chaos because of the pandemic. Some of us can reopen, some can’t, it depends on where you live in the country – but if you have a little bit of time each day, even if it’s just 20 minutes, check out this episode and take some notes because I’m going to walk you through the top small business website mistakes and what you can do to fix them.

I intentionally kept this episode short and sweet so that you can fit it in between summer activities, because I sincerely hope that through ALL of this craziness, you are stopping to take time to enjoy yourself. You can listen to this episode while running to the store, driving to the mountains, or sitting by the pool!

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Key Topics

  • The 5 top small business website mistakes & what to do about them.
  • An SEO truth bomb that so many people miss.

Major Takeaways

  • A website background, before social media was a THING (6:00)
  • Branding – Being Consistent = Being Genuine (7:42)
  • Social Media Restrictions vs Website Freedom (8:29)
  • Why Consistent Branding Matters (9:16)
  • What is a CTA? (12:06)
  • Where do you put these CTA’s? (13:20)
  • Messaging, Clear Messaging! (15:03)
  • 3 questions you MUST answer on your homepage (16:06)
  • Opt-In’s are Invitations (18:09)
  • Use this, so you’re not forgotten in the future (20:12)
  • The number one SEO mistake I see over and over again (22:59)
  • Tough Love! (23:40)
  • Rule for “Text” on Websites (24:26)
  • What drives you crazy? (26:50)

Now What?

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