Great Small Business Website Copy & SEO Copywriting with Kimberly Anderson {Ep 037}

We all know the difference between good and GREAT, right? Good is when your food arrives at a restaurant, and great is when it arrives FRESH AND HOT and with all of the extra sauce you asked for. (Any other sauce lovers out there?) Good is when your husband gets you a card for mother’s day, great is when he gives you the entire day to do exactly what you wanted, and buys you the fancy cheese tray that you really wanted and hinted about for weeks. Good copy on your website gives enough information, and it looks pretty. GREAT website copy means your visitor is SO READY to work with you, that they wish for a PAY NOW button on the website so they can hire you RIGHT NOW! Great small business website copy is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to having a website that converts, and SEO copywriting will help you get FOUND. Both are pieces of an overall website plan that will not only help your business grow, but really connect with your visitors, and turn them into clients that you know and love!

Kimberly Anderson is wedding photographer turned copywriter, and has a LONG history in the photography industry. She has seen it all, and knows what goes into making a business successful. I know we’ve talked about it over and over again – and for good reason. Connecting with your clients could mean the difference between your business growing to six figures and beyond, or your business being a statistic and failing within a few years. Great small business website copy is something that so many business owners skip over, because they think it can be “good enough.” And SEO copywriting is a skill that can help those clients find you! Kimberly has some tips for both.

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In this episode we are going to chat about sharing the things that you think aren’t interesting, what the heck copy really is, some common mistakes, and even repurposing content. What does that mean? That you don’t have to be stuck on the hamster wheel of creation over and over and over again. Create amazing content and keep sharing it!

Grab a pen and paper, because you will want to take some notes!

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Key Topics

  • What is Copy Writing (especially SEO copywriting!) and Why Does It Matter?
  • Website Content “Do’s” and “Don’ts”
  • Re-Purposing Content.

Major Takeaways

  • The Cardigan Connection! The Power of Sharing with your clients (6:24)
  • Kimberly’s Story (8:10)
  • What is “copy” and why do words matter? (13:49)
  • Websites should convert “Visitors” to “Clients”! (15:53)
  • Kimberly breaks down what should be on your website (17:35)
  • How can we use words to connect to clients? (18:46)
  • Top 3 mistakes Kimberly sees on websites (22:17)
  • Top 3 most important pieces of copy that should be on everyone’s website (24:42)
  • Why Re-Purpose Content? (31:55)
  • Kimberly’s creative ways to Re-Purpose content (35:47)
  • Swipe files – the feel good file 🙂 (38:08)
  • “I don’t know how to write for my website” (38:48)
  • How to get in Touch with Kimberly (42:19)
  • Learning more about how to write for your business with Kimberly (44:04)

Now What?

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