Real Talk: Small Business Owners COVID-19 Realities & Hope {Ep 033} | Business Owners, Moms & COVID-19

Today’s podcast episode is going to be super raw. Short and sweet, grab your earbuds and go somewhere where you can just BE for 20 minutes, because we are going to talk abotu small business owners COVID-19 realities. Because when it comes to running a small business – right now can be kind of difficult. ESPECIALLY if you’re a female business owner, and have kids.

These shownotes are going to be a little different today, because this episode is different. There are no takeaways, no actionable steps you can take. You don’t need to take notes, you won’t need to reference this later. Although you MIGHT want to listen to it over and over and over again.

In this episode, I’m going to go into a little bit of what my day REALLY looks like right now, with my entire family home. We’re also going to talk about something we referenced in the last episode with Ash Ambirge – the advice that we “should just be grateful.”

Because wanting something different, wanting to change something in your life does NOT mean that you’re not grateful for what you have right now, and that advice needs to GO. Especially when it comes to women and moms that are expected to take on EVERYTHING right now.

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic with COVID-19 AKA the Coronavirus, facing what some have said will be the Pearl Harbor of our generation. Small business owners COVID-10 realities are especially dimmed right now. We are well over 14,000 deaths in the United States now, and almost all small businesses are shut down. Including mine. And likely yours. We have been deemed “non-essential.” Schools are closed, kids are staying home and learning to embrace remote learning. Parents are taxed beyond the normal limits, and moms especially are expected to be the stay at home mom with all of the necessary household duties, the teacher with homeschooling, usually with several different classes and teachers for EACH child, and still work from home to bring home a paycheck.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking exhausted.

I haven’t put out a podcast episode or blog post in a few weeks, and this episode is going to share the WHY behind my quiet. And, will give you a little bit of hope to hold onto in this storm.

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Key Topics:

  • Small business owners COVID-19 realities and challenges.
  • “You should just be grateful” and other bullshit advice for women.
  • A real HOUR in a business owner’s day right now.
  • Feel the feels, get it out, and move forward.
  • Hope & light in a difficult time.

Now What?