Why You MUST Sell Your Services & Get Past Impostor Syndrome with Ash Ambirge {Ep 32}

I have a crazy special treat for you today! How many times have you ever questioned, “Who am I to be doing that? Charging that? Sharing that?” I’m over here raising my hand because I have SO been there. Impostor syndrome is REAL, and it is something that can keep us trapped in a world of sameness, instead of stepping into our power and awesomeness.

I am SO excited for today’s guest. I have followed her for years, I am a student in her courses. And when she emailed about publishing her book, I reached out to ask if she would like to be on my podcast. I figured it was a long shot, the answer would most likely be NO in the most loving way possible, but it can’t hurt to ask, right?

And to my surprise and EXCITEMENT – she said yes!

I feel like one of those wedding announcements now… SHE SAID YES! Cheesey, right? But in this case, it was a podcast episode and not a diamond. So I’m not really sure who got the raw end of that deal.

Today’s episode is a very special interview with one of my most favorite business coaches in the world, Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project.

Her new book, The Middle Finger Project, is out now, so click here to get it on Amazon or Audible, or go to your favorite bookstore and grab it!

Seriously  y’all – everything she writes feels like it was written JUST for me. Her business advice is priceless. Hell, her LIFE advice is priceless. How many of us need that older sibling that we didn’t have to tell us to BOSS UP and just STOP with some of the stuff that we put ourselves through? We are our own best advocates and cheerleaders, and until we embrace that and start to change the things that are holding us back, we will continue with the same bullshit patterns.

I may or may not know that from experience.

Because I adore her, I have one more link for you that I have to read every once in awhile – Ash’s 10 Commandments of Being Unf*ckwithable.

Impostor syndrome, guilt, money, perfectionism, and sales – sounds like the perfect lineup for most business owners right?

And we are going to tackle ALL of these things! So now I will step down and stop fan girling, so that you can actually listen to her amazing advice.

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I do have one more quick note, Ash’s brand is built on straightforward advice with zero fluff. That being said, there are a few swear words in this episode. So, if that bothers you, this may not be the episode for you. But if you’re okay with a few F-bombs, let’s talk with Ash and dive into her amazing insight and advice.

Key Topics:

  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Yes, you can actually do this!
  • The bitch that is Perfectionism 
  • Guilt and money

Major Takeaways:

  • Ash’s journey (4:55)
  • Self-love and what believing in yourself means – get OVER that impostor syndrome! (8:00)
  • Thoughts on guilt for wanting more (14:04)
  • Scariest changes that transformed Ash’s life in amazing ways (17:37)
  • Stop apologizing for being “extra” AF! (22:21)
  • Ash’s insights on the throwing away the damaging things that we’ve learned from school (26:31)
  • The skill that we need to focus on how to be a better advocate of ourselves (32:51)
  • The value of making money doing the thing that we love (39:44)
  • Empowering your team (43:49)
  • Relax, stop the pressure of perfectionism (46:40)
  • Unconventional goals that keep Ash sane (51:45)
  • A love letter and inspiration for you (55:33)

Now What?