How to Organize Website Updates to Boost Productivity {Ep 036}

Learning and growing pretty much DAILY are almost required when it comes to running a business, but how do you organize all of the things you learn into a plan to implement? Specifically, how do you take the website changes you know you need to make, keep track of them, and implement them all at once to get a TON done in a short amount of time? In this episode, we’re going to do a quickie on how to organize website updates to boost productivity!

I LOVE reading. And listening. And learning. All of this results in a lot of things to implement, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do and when. We are going to break down the parking lot.

I know when I use those words, visions of tailgating probably come to mind, or if you were a troublemaker as a teenager, maybe doing doughnuts in the car! Right now with the pandemic, you may be thinking of socially distanced happy hours, where each person sits in the back of their car. No? Am I the only one? If you didn’t try that and your state is still on lockdown, I highly encourage it! Everyone needs a little time with their friends, right?

For this episode, and in our businesses, the words “parking lot” mean something else ENTIRELY. It’s basically a virtual list of ideas that is ongoing, and today we’re going to chat specifically about how to organize those website changes and updates. We’re going to look specifically at the tools I have use ALMOST DAILY to manage ideas and tasks. This tool will allow you to track tasks and focus on your immediate needs, so that you can be fully present in whatever you’re working on, but not lose the killer idea that just hit you!

Hint: this tool is NOT Post-its. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Post-its and have an entire office drawer devoted to them. Different sizes, colors, adhesive strengths… oh I could geek out on this forever. BUT – the pile doesn’t get done, so the tool isn’t my beloved Post-its.

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how-to-organize-website-updates, website-updates, website-help, photography-website, photographer-website

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Okay, let’s look at these takeaways and new AHA’s!

Key Topics

  • How to Organize and Track Website and other Changes

Major Takeaways

    • How are you doing? No, REALLY…? (5:44)
    • What do you do when you get a ton of information from amazing people? (8:07)
    • New and fun: check out this episode in ANOTHER format. (12:02)
    • Asana: Where Ideas Can Live! (12:22)
    • Your Website Changes can be Inspired by other Sites (16:25)
    • The “Parking Lot” of Ideas (18:19)
    • How Brooke’s Parking Lot is Organized (19:36)
    • Task’s have Task’s? Oh, “Subtasks” (24:29)
    • Website Blue Print and Free Tutorial on BSU site (26:22)

Now What?

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