How to Grow a Photography Business FAST with Kelli Marie {Ep 035}

Today, we are going to talk about growing quickly and deciding what you can do to help your business grow fast even if you’re not booking as many clients as you want to be right now. We’re also going to dive into model calls, revenue, amazing client experience, pre-session payment plans – in short, everything you need for a killer photography business, and how to grow a photography business FAST, with the ever awesome Kelli Marie!

We are packed to the brim for sure and I can’t wait for you to hear ALL THE THINGS!

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Key Topics

  • How to grow a photography business fast, even though you’re not booking as many clients as you want to in the future.
  • Tips on doing model calls.
  • How to achieve this amazing client experience.
  • Benefits of offering pre-session payment plans.

Major Takeaways

  • Kelli’s story (3:55)
  • What “0 to 60 miles in 6 to 12 months or less” means (6:07)
  • What Kelli did in the interim while not doing any photography work (8:55)
  • The taboo of working for free (11:00)
  • The three things that helped her business grow fast (14:24)
  • 3 best tips to do model calls (15:11)
  • Thoughts on sharing model calls pictures on social media platforms (16:39)
  • How Kelli achieves amazing client experience (19:08)
  • Things that Kelli includes to achieve this amazing client experience (22:49)
  • How Kelli prepares her clients for the shoot through emails (26:07)
  • Thoughts on following policies that help her business (29:38)
  • Discussion on the importance of pre-session payment plans (32:52)
  • What if the client doesn’t like the photos? (40:09)
  • Awesome bonuses to include for pre-session payment plans (42:19)
  • Kelli’s advise on the best way to offer pre-session payment plans (44:43)
  • Tough love advice to budding photographers (47:39)

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