Brand Spankin’ New – Small Business Podcast

WHEW you have probably noticed some changes around here. Aesthetic changes, format changes, and other things going on.

And a small business podcast.

*** This announcement has been UPDATED – please see new date below! ***

Say what?!

First, I want to say that I HEARD YOU.

Recently, I asked if you all prefer to read information, or to listen – and you overwhelmingly chose to listen or watch videos instead of read. I have had this in the works for about a year but I was afraid to throw things into action, and when I read the results of that survey, I had to take a deep breath.

Yes, I’m confident, and I know my shit when it comes to business and teaching – but I still have fears. Everyone does.

I don’t like the way I look in video. I have a musical theater background and so when I am on video, my actions and the way I talk is a little over the top and I look like I’m trying to fly away or something.

I don’t like the way I sound in audio. I feel like I sound like Minnie Mouse. Or the guy that sings the Grinch song. Or a weird combination of the two.

I’ve had so many fears surrounding both video and audio for too long, and after reading that survey, I finally said FUCK IT.

So I’ve been doing more Facebook live videos to help you. If you aren’t in the Facebook group, why the hell not, because seriously that is where SO MUCH FUN happens, as well as a ton of help! I’ve been doing more webinars and free courses, like the Professional Photographer’s SEO class. I have more videos coming up, because I want to help you ROCK your business.

And audio was another thing that I still had a fear of. What if I cough? What if I’m sick and my voice sounds funny? What if my dogs rattle the doors while I’m recording? All of these fears KEEP going through my head.

The struggle is real y’all.

I hear you, my tribe, and I know you want to listen to your content while you drive. Or take the kids to school. Or clean up your office. And I want to help deliver answers and help to you in the best format possible.

Enter: the podcast.

If you haven’t been listening to podcasts, seriously, get on it because there is so much amazing information out there, ready to be delivered directly into your ears and brain!

I have been working on this since last summer, and I’m CRAZY EXCITED to announce the launch of my brand new small business podcast on May 15!

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And since the artwork isn’t done yet, there’s a lovely little photo of headphones and sparkles. Because, sparkles.

So what can you expect from this new small business podcast? The same information that I’ve been sharing on the blog will now be available in audio format. I have a list of oh… about 75 shows already, with guests already lined up and excited, and I CAN’T WAIT to share it with you!

With the launch of the podcast there will be GIVEAWAYS – so make sure to stay in the loop! I will also be looking for a podcast launch tribe, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.

I’m so, so excited to see what this new year brings. I want you ALL to make a note of where your business is right now – revenue, followers, profit and loss, or whatever – because I want to know where it is in a year. I want to know HOW MUCH YOU’VE GROWN, and we can look back together and do a big chest bump while throwing glitter in the air.

If you want to get more information about the launch team, prizes, and the celebration, click here!

Keep an eye out for fun stuff to come!