Black Friday for Photographers – What to Focus On, What to Buy, and How to Afford It {Ep 018}

Here we are – Black Friday time! And there are so many Black Friday for photographers deals, how do you know what to invest in, spend on, and choose? And how the heck are you going to afford ALL THE THINGS that you want when it comes to holiday shopping for your business?

Today’s episode is ALL about Black Friday for photographers. And instead of a huge list of random deals that you see everywhere else, including our community (if you’re not in there, why not?), this episode is going to be more about FOCUS. It is way too easy to get super distracted and just buy the sparkly things – and I know,  I have done it too!

I have 3 main things that we’re going to talk about today when it comes to Black Friday for photographers. Or really, ANY shopping for photographers, especially when it comes to those deals that look amazing.

First, I want to discuss what to focus on. I have 3 things to consider or overall goals for your business. And anytime you’re looking at purchasing something for your business, I want you to hear my voice on your head and ask yourself this question, “Is this item going to make my business profitable?”

And so, in this episode of Business Straight Up we are going to go through deciding what to buy, and how to afford it, and some realities of thinking like a CEO when purchasing, instead of a shopper!

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Key topics:

  • Business Lessons for Black Friday

Major Takeaways:

  • What you should focus on? (1:15)
  • What should you buy or invest in? (4:40)
  • How do you afford it? (10:31)

Now what?