3 Reasons to Attend WPPI {Ep 031} – WPPI Schedule & Why

Hey there amazing business owners – today’s episode is a little different, and shorter than most, something you can dig into while eating lunch or taking the kids to their activities! This will be the LAST episode about WPPI before it happens – so check out the WPPI schedule and listen in. It’s coming up. It is less than a month away – is anyone else like WHAT we are already into February?

If you haven’t heard already, I will be teaching this year! If you want to attend my master class on boudoir marketing, you can get 15% off of a full platform pass by clicking here to use my code SUMMER to register. If you just want to go and check out the expo, you can use the same code to get a FREE expo pass! Either way, click here to register and see my WPPI schedule!

Even if you’re not going to WPPI but you’re pondering another business conference, let’s chat about some reasons that you SHOULD be attending business conferences, and WPPI, and how to set up an amazing WPPI schedule.

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Key Topics:

  • 3 Reasons to attend WPPI, or ANY business conference that you’ve been considering.

Major Takeaways:

  • Reason #1: One of the most surprising reasons… it’s not what you think. Hint: they’re not unicorns! (2:22)
  • Reason #2: One of the things that will benefit you MOST in your business, locally and at WPPI. Add THIS to your WPPI Schedule! (10:05)
  • Reason #3: Can’t have a list without some fun right…? (12:42)

Bonus Content:

  • A lovely message from Christine Tremoulet – hint, especially applicable if you’re thinking you’re past this… (14:27)
  • Keith White’s words of wisdom (16:17)
  • Be inspired by Cheryl Walsh (18:18)

Now What?