025 – How To Start Taking Action, Even When You’re Not Ready with Jamie Palmer

How many courses, workshops, and books have you read about your business? How much of that information have you actually implemented? How do you start taking action to actually change your business and improve it? There’s so much information out there but how do we move from consumption overwhelm to implementation and action.

Jamie Palmer runs the Outlier Marketing Group and works with entrepreneurs to grow their business and actually start taking action to design their business in the way that serves their lives! In this episode, we discuss how to take action on the things you learn about; how to let go of perfectionism and how to go from working in your business to working on your business.

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Key Topics

  • Treating your business like it’s one of your clients
  • Start taking action and implementing before you are ready
  • 70% perfect is a success, 100% perfect is a failure
  • Avoiding overwhelm when producing content for social media
  • Set one goal you know you can crush

Major Takeaways

  • How Jamie got to where she is now (05:21)
  • The struggle of managing your clients, while also growing your business (07:26)
  • Setting goals based on the impact you want to make (08:59)
  • Being mindful of where you are spending your time so you can create space for working on your business (09:52)
  • Jamie’s 6 core values (13:38)
  • How Jamie implements the things she learns, to start taking action (18:17)
  • Why it’s important to get started with things, even if you don’t feel ready (21:43)
  • What content marketing is and why it is important (25:05)
  • How by consistently showing up and providing valuable content to her audience, Jamie doubled her business in a year (26:37)
  • Discussing the best format for your content – blogs, video or audio (27:22)
  • Why there is value in re-purposing your old content (30:04)
  • Jamie suggests taking time away from social media in order to to create 3-4 weeks to reduce overwhelm (31:46)
  • How to market consistently, rather that marketing in a reactive way (36:09)
  • How to plan and organize so you can start taking action to work towards your goals (43:31)
  • The advantages of planning your goals in 90 day chunks (49:12)

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