021 – Productivity for Photographers & Creatives with Lauren Armstrong

Hello hello, amazing business people! Are you ready to get some clarity on what to actually work on so that you’re productive and not just busy? Because busy doesn’t pay our bills. Productivity for photographers and creatives can seem overwhelming, especially for the artist in us that doesn’t want to have things ALL planned, am I right? Moving your business forward with real action is what will bring you towards those goals that you have set for the new year.

How many of you have just sat on your emails all day? Yes, technically it needs to be done but it’s not moving forward. Lauren has some awesome tips on planning out your week and your days!

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Today’s guest is the amazing Lauren Armstrong who specializes in working with business owners to find clarity on what they should be working on to reach their goals. Lauren is with Created Future Academy and is phenomenal in figuring out scheduling and implementation. Because how many of us have learned something new… and then done nothing with it? I know I have! And really, where is the value in that? Productivity for photographers and creatives means SO MUCH MORE than just learning, it means actually implementing what we learn as well!

I know that this is something that makes some of you wants to scream because I fight it too. I get it. I’m very much a free spirit and I don’t want my day scheduled but it is crazy how much more I get done when I go into the day and the week with a plan.

So, grab your pen and paper because you might want to take some notes on this!

Key Topics

  • Key steps in planning the perfect week.
  • Effective tools to plan your week.

Major Takeaways

  • Lauren’s story and what she does (3:52)
  • Helping service-based companies understand where they can make the most money as far as profit goes (5:15)
  • On being a recovering perfectionist (8:05)
  • Busy doesn’t mean productive (10:41)
  • One thing that someone can do to implement what they learn (11:17)
  • Perfect Day formula (15:40)
  • Importance of Start Time & Stop Time (16:52)
  • How to create a Perfect Week (20:00)
  • The advantage of doing “Theme Days” (26:38)
  • Vision & Alignment (29:05)
  • Strategy & Planning (37:59)
  • Execution & Implementation (43:36)
  • Tools that can be used to plan the week (45:10)
  • Getting rid of the clutter of your mind (51:30)
  • Importance of controlling social media use (53:00)
  • Summary of discussion (55:36)
  • Creation in alignment with vision (56:36)
  • Overcoming the fear of showing what you have created (57:40)
  • Choosing one thing that will move you forward (1:03:02)

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