020 – Email Marketing for Photographers & Creatives Minisode

Hello hello, amazing business people! Welcome to another short but sweet minisode of Business Straight Up, the small business podcast for photographers and creatives!! Today, I will be talking about email marketing for photographers, why it matters, and really, why it’s so important.

By the way, as announced, I will be debuting my email marketing class this February 13th. So, please don’t forget to join us for an awesome session with a ton of useful tips for your business! See you there!

I bet when you went into business as a creative that you did so because you love what you do, am I right? So you probably didn’t consider everything that you need to do in order to run that business successfully. Things like bookkeeping, marketing, HR and all of these departments that large corporations have that we simply don’t have. It is something that we have to do ourselves as solopreneurs. We have to wear so many different hats and marketing is a really, really big hat.

Marketing has so many little pieces and that includes social media, in person, and partnership. And can get really overwhelming. However, what I’ve seen time and time again that is ignored by creatives, is email marketing.

And while I have seen this glazed over in so many creative communities, email marketing for photographers is a subject that is especially ignored, because we have such a VISUAL business! The reality is that it is something we just can NOT ignore anymore.

So, are you ready to find out more about why email marketing is important for your business?? Let’s dive right in!

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