019 – Finances, Marketing & Travel – Photography Marketing Ideas that WORK, Plus A Photography Pricing Guide with Alex Chalkley!

Hello hello amazing business people – are you ready to have your minds blown? Here it comes!! Welcome to another episode of Business Straight Up, the small business podcast for photographers and creatives!

First, I have a question for you. Are you comfortable with talking about money? When you are working with other creative or even dealing with family? Is money a topic that is kept kind of hush? Only discussed when absolutely necessary? I feel like we have done ourselves such as disservice when making this a taboo topic because money is an amazing tool in our businesses and in our lives. I know that I have even been shamed by my so-called friend when I shared my goals with them. Which is total crap, am I right? We should be supporting each other.

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So, are you ready to go into all things awesome about being business? Let’s dive right in!


Today’s guest is an amazing businesswoman and we are going to geek out about 3 and my favorite topics: finances, marketing, and travel. It’s like the golden three right? Alex Chalkley is a boudoir photographer from Virginia, who’s gone from a hundred thousand dollars in student loan debts to running a successful and highly profitable business in just a few years.

She’s not afraid to talk about money and all of the behind the scenes and even shares photography pricing guide – basically how to set your prices.

You heard me right, how to price yourself appropriately. That is something that can be so hard to do. She has it nailed down though, and I can’t WAIT for you to hear it and implement it in your business!

We also go down the rabbit hole of photography marketing ideas that work – because things have CHANGED my friends, and you can’t just post on a blog or Facebook page and hope that someone sees it! Alex has some stellar ideas and shares her quick top 5 marketing tips that work SO well.

I feel like this episode is super meaty, I have zero doubts that it will definitely be a favorite!

Key Topics

  • Psychology of Pricing.
  • How to price your services appropriately.
  • Effective marketing tips.
  • Awesome travel tips.

Major Takeaways

  • Alex’s background and her journey (5:42)
  • AHA moments – money doesn’t have to be scary (7:59)
  • How value is associated with price (9:15)
  • A simple formula on how to price your services appropriately (14:33)
  • Benefits of having your own collection (21:22)
  • How to overcome your money blocks (23:53)
  • Securing the success of the future of your business’ finances (25:03)
  • The need to pay yourself from your profits as a reward (29:33)
  • Advice for new business owners (32:52)
  • Discussing the idea of the starving artist (35:37)
  • Alex’s 5 quick marketing tips (38:00)
  • How retouching your client’s pictures is beneficial (40:50)
  • Alex’s travel tips (43:54)
  • Advice that Alex could tell herself 5 years ago (47:46)
  • Importance of in person sales (49:501)

Now What?

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