017 – How to NOT Make $.13 Per Hour Using In Person Sales with Shalista Anderson – In Person Sales for Photographers

Well hello there, awesome entreprenesses and entrepreneurs! Ready to talk about some in person sales for photographers? Also known as photographer IPS – which terrifies so many of my students. It doesn’t HAVE to be scary, I promise!

Welcome to another episode of Business Straight Up – the business podcast for photographers and creative entrepreneurs! If you are a PHOTOGRAPHER, today’s episode is for you. Really, it’s for any creative that is charging too little, and not offering the personal touch that in person sales can really GIVE to your clients, to enhance your overall experience!

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This episode is going to ROCK your world and understanding about so many things!


Today’s guest is Shalista Anderson, a crazy successful boudoir and senior photographer in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We talk about so many things on the BUSINESS side of running a photography business – because being successful means stepping outside of just taking photos. I know that’s a scary thought, but it’s true, and I promise, it doesn’t have to be scary!

Shalista and I are going to break down photographer IPS – the scary scary monster in the photography industry known as in person sales for photographers. We also talk about the language that we use with clients, and having to re-learn some of the things we say. Workflows, automation, and how NOT to make $.13/hour when you’re working so darn hard while creating that amazing client experience!

Key Topics

  • What IPS is and how it works – in person sales for photographers will totally change your business!
  • You can’t spend from someone else’s wallet.
  • You don’t have to serve every client.

Major Takeaways

  • Shalista’s journey to where she is now (05:45)
  • How a photography studio can be successful in a small town (07:16)
  • How Shalista runs an efficient business (09:47)
  • How Shalista views photographer IPS (In Person Sales) and how it has affected her business (14:06)
  • Shalista talk about her views on money and how they have changed and developed within her business (17:32)
  • What Shalista enjoys about doing In Person Sales (23:39)
  • Tips on how to present photos to clients and how Shalista’s pricing works (27:19)
  • How Shalista has overcome fears and criticism for doing in person sales (32:50)
  • Brooke and Shalista discuss retraining themselves to think about the words they use when talking to clients (37:28)
  • What Brooke and Shalista’s set-up for IPS looks like (41:33)
  • Software for IPS and in person sales for photographers (45:33)
  • How Shalista tends not to do virtual reveals (48:22)
  • The amount of images Shalista tends to show (49:50)
  • How Shalista chose the products she wanted to offer (52:56)
  • The skills Shalista wished she’d focused on at the beginning of her business (56:11)
  • Start before you are ready and figure everything out (59:12)

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