016 – Letting GO of Mom Guilt and Running a Successful Business with Laura Kinser | Business Owners Mom Guilt

Welcome gorgeous entreprenesses to another episode of Business Straight Up, the business podcast for photographers and creative entrepreneurs! Real talk – today’s episode is going to ruffle some feathers and might piss some people off. You’ll notice that in the welcome, I didn’t say entrepreneurs… because today’s episode is specifically going to speak to MOMS. We are going to talk about Business Owners Mom Guilt – yes it’s a thing, and letting GO of mom guilt so that you can run a successful business!

So who is this episode for? Mamas. Whether your children grew in your womb or you had the spectacular opportunity to adopt, or maybe your children are from another awesome blessing – being a mother can be really, really difficult.

I see you out there, mama. Listening to this in one earbud because it’s an adult conversation, while another episode of Sesame Street playing in the background. In yoga pants, cooking eggs exactly the way the toddler likes them, with toast that isn’t too toasty but isn’t soggy either. Trying so hard to make these little humans happy, while running a business too. Trying to hold onto a little bit of your individuality, while also raising and loving on those amazing humans.

I have two small humans, I get it, I am there with you.

And because of my second little blessing, I’m actually on two ends of the spectrum – I have a teenager, and a threenager. The demands of a teen’s schedule, while dealing with Barbie’s hair styling requirements to go to the ball as well. You all didn’t know I’m a hair stylist too, right? Because ultimately, that is what being a mother means – wearing a million different hats and juggling a ton of responsibilities. And then you add in the responsibilities of running a business too, and HELLO super woman!

So how do we balance it all?


When I first met Laura, she was very short and to the point, and I’m definitely more of an emotional person, so she seemed kind of cold to me. But nothing could be further from the truth. As I got to know her, I understood that she is not only an amazing business owner, but a stellar mother and she appears to achieve the unicorn of motherhood – work/life balance.

But here’s a secret – there is no balance, it comes down to letting go of the SHOULDS in your life and really being present in all areas!

Sound difficult? It can be. My guest today is Laura Kinser of Kinser Studios, and I really have so many things that I can ask her as a guest because she is just an amazing business woman – but this is one thing she really has DOWN people, and I wanted to talk about this on the show. How to love what you do and NOT feel guilty. That following your dreams and doing your own thing doesn’t make you a bad parent. How to really be present with your family and separate your attention and time so you can let GO of the mom guilt!

Key Topics

  • Separating the work stuff from the family stuff
  • Business owners mom guilt and letting GO of mom guilt
  • Outsourcing & making the best use of your time

Major Takeaways

  • Laura’s journey to living in Utah and running Kinser Studios (06:37)
  • How Laura knew she wanted to be a working mom and figuring out how to balance the two (08:16)
  • Why Laura doesn’t fell guilty about putting time and energy into her business (10:12)
  • The importance of having dedicated time set aside for working and avoiding multitasking (12:48)
  • The things kids gain from being in environments other than the family home (16:20)
  • That part of the goal of setting up your own business is having the freedom to live the life you want to live (18:42)
  • Why we don’t need to feel guilty (20:04)
  • Why are women asked “who is watching your kids?” while working(21:20)
  • Do men feel parenting guilt too? (24:28)
  • How Laura has pulled away from the label of ‘female entrepreneur’ (25:38)
  • Why it’s not worth worrying about what other people think (27:57)
  • Developing your confidence (29:06)
  • Laura’s main tip for parents who run businesses (32:22)
  • How everyone needs time off whether they have a family or not (32:58)
  • The importance of client relationships (36:45)
  • The power of being authentic (38:06)
  • Setting boundaries with your business (39:16)
  • The value in showing your children different ways of living (45:45)
  • Why her husband is the best decision Laura has made (46:23)
  • Why it took Laura a long time to learn to outsource aspects of her business (48:58)
  • Outsourcing even small things in life (50:38)

Now What?

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