013 – Blogging, publication and doing MORE with less time, with Cheryl Chastain! | Blogging for Photographers

013 – Blogging, publication and doing MORE with less time, with Cheryl Chastain! | Blogging for Photographers

Welcome back amazing entreprenesses and entrepreneurs to another episode of Business Straight Up, the Podcast for creatives and photographers to design a business and life they love! Blogging for photographers – is it worth it? Is it still relevant, does it even really matter? Is being published on other blogs worth the work? Is guest posting worth pursuing, and how the heck can I come up with ideas on what to write about?

In today’s episode we are going to talk with the awesome Cheryl Chastain about BLOGGING.

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Key Topics

  • Where to get inspiration for blog posts
  • Turning your blog posts into other media
  • The value in lead magnets


  • Who Cheryl is and what she does (03:26)
  • How blogging for photographers is still relevant in a world of YouTube and Instagram (05:52)
  • Why SEO is not the only important part of blogging (07:12)
  • Cheryl suggests looking outside your industry for ideas of things to write about (07:42)
  • Using the questions your audience are asking as an inspiration for blog posts (09:08)
  • Some traps that people fall into when writing blog posts (10:09)
  • Cheryl gives some guidelines for blogging (11:55)
  • The advantages of posting on your blog over Facebook or Instagram (15:26)
  • The value of controlling the atmosphere of your clients experience (17:05)
  • How often do you need to blog? (17:44)
  • Tips on sharing your posts and getting readers to come to your post (18:57)
  • The value in repurposing your content both on social media and by turning posts into different formats such as video (21:49)
  • Cheryl talks about how guest posts helped a client dramatically increase her audience (22:56)
  • Ways to find people to collaborate with on guest posts and while it’s important to keep in mind you ideal client while doing so (25:13)
  • How to blog when you don’t have time to blog (28:21)
  • Some discussion on why speaking a blog post and recording it can be a great way of writing a post (29:21)
  • Brooke talks about context switching and why batching is advantageous (32:55)
  • How to respect the ideas of other people and avoid plagiarism (33:42)
  • What ghostwriting is and how it works (37:58)
  • What a lead magnet is and how it attracts potential clients (42:10)

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