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Some of the best small business podcasts are inspirational but don’t give you steps to take to build your business! Enter: Business Straight Up, a weekly podcast with photography business help, small business help, behind-the-scenes secrets when it comes to running a successful business, and real-world discussions about mindset and success. I want to help you build a business that serves you and your family, so that you can enjoy success on your terms! Scroll down for shownotes and episodes, and if you know of an amazing entrepreneur that you’d like to nominate for an interview, click here!

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There are so many small business podcasts out there, so what makes this one different? Well, in a word – me. I love to inspire women to remember and embrace their worth, so that they can build their life and business on their own terms, and define their success!

Because YES, you can be a success. YES, you can support your family. YES, you can make money in your business without running yourself into the ground!

Small business podcasts are available and there are lists and lists of them, I’m quite the podcast addict as well.

But I want this one to be different. I want it to inspire you. I want it to educate you. I want you to be talking back YES, Brooke!

I want to have amazing guests that will rock your world and remind you that while there are a TON of small business podcasts, you can always come back to this one for some inspiration and help.

So let’s do this, let’s dive in and make things amazing!