Birth Photography Resources – About Page Review

Well hello there, awesome people! I have an about page review for your viewing pleasure today, specifically about birth photographers who might need birth photography resources. DeAnna said that she was comfortable with a PUBLIC review, which is always awesome because it means that other people can learn too, so HIGH FIVE DeAnna, thank you so much for your openness and willing to learn!

DeAnna is a birth photographer in northern Colorado. Birth photography is one of those genres where some REALLY has to feel comfortable with you – because a mom giving birth has zero time for any BS around her. All the ladies in the room who have ever given birth are like PREACH! Birth photography is a very intimate genre! The About Page is already one of the most important pages on a website, and I would bet that when it comes to birth photography, the importance goes up EVEN MORE.

Here are some links that I’m talking about in the video, just in case you’re looking around like where the heck do I find these…?!

Email Marketing Masterclass
About Page Masterclass
Kickass About Page Formula

In this video we are going to go through DeAnna’s about page, and break it down based on what is currently there. We also talk about some changes to be made, and things to ADD that will be key in reaching those ideal clients and getting them to actually connect with you!

Again thank you SO much DeAnna for being willing to put yourself out there, and let others learn too!

Birth photographers – you have an amazingly blessed job. Seriously. I had a birth photographer when my daughter was born four years ago, and those photos are near and dear to my heart. Not only that – but much like a wedding, you are umm… busy. The whole process can be a stressful one, and you’re likely not seeing everything that is going on in the room around you when you’re in the thick of it. There are stories that my birth photographer told about MY BIRTH on her blog that I didn’t even know were happening. Yep, I was there, and had no idea.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mason Photography

The stories that you tell, the photos you capture – those are priceless, and I lift my glass to you all!

For more Birth Photography Resources, check out an awesome organization called Birth Becomes Her. They have not only fought for mama’s rights when it comes to empowering photos, but have amazing resources specifically for birth photographers. If birth photography is something that you want to be a part of, check them out!