Professional Photographer Pricing Help – Review: The Naked Truth by Natalie Kita

Well happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous lady bosses!

I have a very special review that I have saved for you today. Why today?

Because it’s the day of love! And not only do I love this book, but I believe that this book also has a core message of loving and respecting YOURSELF as well, which is a foundation to an awesome business!


There are so many pricing guides out there when it comes to professional photographer pricing help, and some of them are phenomenal, some not so much. I have read lots. Like seriously, LOTS of them, over the years.

So many of them have so much fluff and unnecessary bullshit. Some are geared towards wedding photographers, some portrait photographers, some are geared towards both. Some have baseline ideas of WHY you should price the way you should, and some are just manuals: DO THIS.

The Naked Truth

[about your prices] by Natalie Kita is specifically geared towards boudoir photographers, but I really believe that all portrait photographers can benefit from this book. Quite frankly, this book is a MUST READ if you are wavering on your prices, questioning your worth as a photographer, or wondering if you should be making more than you’re currently making.

“What’s the best way to avoid getting people who complain about your prices, and attract customers who value and will pay you well?

Charge more.”

— Natalie Kita

She goes through mistakes that most photographers make, and even more importantly, the money blocks that SO MANY of us have, and where they come from. It’s not just the how, the steps on how to set something up, but the WHY. Building a price list that is based on a formula that someone gives you without really understanding WHY you’re doing it that way is setting yourself up for failure, and Natalie addresses the why before even going into the formula.

I have seen SO MANY professional photographers that are new and break into their market basing their pricing on what others are charging.

Truthbomb: I did it too. I didn’t know any better. I figured if they are charging that, and my work is about on par with theirs, I should charge that too.

That is 100% the WORST way to set up your pricing! Knowing your numbers is a foundation, and understanding the WHY behind pricing is something that isn’t done overnight, it takes time.

One of my favorite parts is the “contingency cushion.” I absolutely love this concept, and have been doing this for awhile without an actual name for it. When you’re in business for yourself, sometimes crappy things happen. Labs mess up. YOU mess up. I know I have done it! Mistakes happen, and this is a BRILLIANT way to make sure that even when those mistakes happen, you are still covering your costs and making sure that you are paying yourself enough to take care of yourself and your family.

The affirmations are another gold nugget in this book. It can be really, really hard to clear the money blocks that so many of us grew up with. Personally, I remember going through couch cushions and hoping to find change so that I could put $2 of gas into my car and hope it would last me until payday. Situations like that create mindsets that can be really difficult to overcome. Affirmations can help to retrain your brain. I have found that when I couple those with my fears and beliefs – to not try to bullshit myself but to be real about what is concerning me – it can calm down a momentary freak out moment, and remind myself of what I need in that moment.

Personally, I think this book should be a lot more expensive than it is. It is that valuable, and a steal at $59.

Straight up – I’m not an affiliate for this product, I get zero kickback, no advertising fee, this is a 100% honest and straight review.

Natalie’s book on pricing is something that ALL portrait photographers should read, to remind themselves of the importance of what they do. Of what WE do.

Whether you’re new or have been successful in your business for awhile, it is a foundation for charging prices that are appropriate and profitable. So many photographers are actually PAYING to work, because their pricing is so insufficient, and this book not only takes you through the reasons why you should be charging an appropriate fee for your services, but also the HOW to set yourself up for success in your pricing.

Check it out, links are below, and let me know what you think, I would love your feedback as well!

Title: The Naked Truth [about your prices] Author: Natalie Kita