Professional Photographer Camera Bag Reviews: Live Video

Yes, I have a bit of an addiction to camera bags. Don’t judge me.

My fellow photographers that know me well know that I have a TON of camera bags. There is basically an entire shelf in my office dedicated to my bags. They all serve different purposes, and yes, I truly need them all – just ask my husband. 😉

A quick list of the ones that I own:

Kelly Moore Libby
Kelly Moore Classic
Kelly Moore Two Sues
Epiphanie Brooklyn (sold since this video was done)
Epiphanie Florence
Epiphanie Ali Edwards (not in the video)
ThinkTank Airport Security 2.0
ThinkTank Airport Roller Derby
House of Flynn Evermore
Various older and smaller bags…

A few months ago I did a Periscope/live video about the different camera bags I own, their features, and why I like or don’t like them. It has been requested again, but since I’m not at the studio today and have massive raccoon eyes from lack of sleep last night, I decided to repost the original video here.

Unfortunately I can’t link to all of the Professional Photographer Camera Bags that I discuss in this video, because some of them are no longer available for sale from the original manufacturers. I did find a Kelly Moore Classic on eBay though, and love that bag SO much that I would actually consider buying another. Seriously, a favorite. If you are looking for a specific bag that you see in the video that is NOT linked below, check out eBay or some of the professional gear sales groups on Facebook. Sometimes you can find a gem!

Here are some of the different types of bags and makers that I discuss:

Kelly Moore Bags – home to most of my favorites
Epiphanie Bags – home to one of my favorites
ThinkTank Photo – by far, the best travel rolling camera bags, I show two

Links to specific bags that I discuss that are still available:

Epiphanie Florence (blush no longer available, link to black)

epiphanie-camera-bag-review, epiphanie-camera-bag, camera-bag-review

ThinkTank Airport Security 3.0 (newer version of my 2.0)

think-tank-photo-bag-review, airport-security-review, think-tank-review

ThinkTank Airport Roller Derby with 360 Wheels

think-tank-review, roller-derby-review

So before I share this video, a few notes! This is from several months ago, and I have since sold my Epiphanie backpack to a loving new home! I have added another Epiphanie Bag by the amazing Ali Edwards, although it is not a favorite of mine either because the straps are so rigid, it is hard to carry.

I have also purchased an Ape Case – which is basically like the inside padded piece of the various camera bags, to put into luggage when I don’t want to carry a dedicated camera bag, or travel with a rolling camera suitcase. I love it!

A few more notes: you never really realize what you look like until you look different, know what I mean? I gained a TON of weight thanks to Prenisone, and this video was done at the highest point – so be kind. 40 pounds down and several months later, when I see this I cringe. But there is absolutely great information, and it is rare to get a first hand perspective and professional photographer camera bag review! Also, this was a LIVE video – so it’s not professionally edited or put together, it was a quick conversation, and on Periscope, which explains the comments and hearts – that you won’t see, so those comments may not make sense to you.

So be kind, or karma will kick your ass. Cool? Cool.

So without further adeiu, I present to you:

A Kelly Moore Camera Bag Review
An Epiphanie Camera Bag Review
and a ThinkTank Camera Bag Review!

I hope this helps, I know how frustrating it can be to purchase a bag without being able to actually see it or feel it in person! It is an investment, and there are a few that I wish I hadn’t invested in, but overall I have been pretty happy with most of them that I’ve had. As I pack to leave for another trip in a few days, I’m really pondering taking that Kelly Moore Classic with me again – it has been to so many countries, still looks amazing, and packs wonderfully!

Camera bag makers, a note: I would love to see a camera bag that has the padding, but can collapse to be packable into luggage for travel. That would be pretty awesome. 😉

Love & Adventures & lots of bags!