Photography Business Help – FEAR is a Problem! {Featured}

Sometimes, we look at others and think they have it all together. Sometimes, we look at their businesses, or their success, and think they must not be afraid of ANYTHING. They’re so confident, they’re so on TOP of things, they have no fear and just get things done! I have seen this particularly in the photography industry – newer photographers will look at the rockstars for photography business help and think MAN they just have everything together and are kicking ass!

And yes, they may be kicking ass and very successful in their business – but sometimes, it’s so not true.

Even the rockstars are scared of things. Even the most successful people in the world face fears and can be scared of things that happen, but it’s how they DEAL with that fear that can set them apart!

We all face fear in so many different ways, whether it’s in your business, parenting, relationships or whatever you’re looking at – fear can be a real bitch. Fear can keep us from doing the things that we love most, keep us from our dreams, our goals, and so many other things in our lives.

I have personally struggled with fear for quite awhile, and when I think back to all of the things that I have LOST because of this fear, it makes me very sad, and I kick myself. But that’s not productive either!

I am so pleased to have an article featured on Photography Spark on how to handle fear in your photography business!

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Fear can be a business killer. A confidence killer. A goal killer. Click on the link above to read the article on Photography Spark, and get some action packed steps on what to do to conquer your fear, and move PAST it to kick ass in your business!