Photographer In Person Sales – New Workshop Announced!

Hey hey there awesome business owners! Specifically, portrait photographers!

There are so many changes being made in the website, so if you click through you might not see a ton yet – please be patient! I am working with an awesome designer to get everything finalized and ready for you!

I have been mentoring some newer photographers, and I feel like there is a ton of confusion that is surrounding in person sales. So many misconceptions – I have to have this software, this fancy projector, and more. The reality is, in person sales really comes down to being a guide for your client. This isn’t salesy, this isn’t slimy, and there is nothing icky about it.

YOU are the professional. YOU are the expert. YOU know the options. YOU have seen the myriad of products available – from the not so hot, to the amazing.

Why would you leave these decisions to your clients, when they’re not really sure what is even available?

Creating an amazing client experience from beginning to end means being able to walk them through everything, including the final purchase of their images. Think of all of the work that goes into these sessions: clothing choices, hair, makeup, and depending on the type of session – preparing littles, manicures, pedicures, and more!

I am excited to welcome a very small group of photographers into my studio for a personalized workshop on photographer in person sales, as well as individual help with pricing.

This is an introductory workshop – meaning it is the first time I have offered it in this format. Which means you get a special deal, the price won’t be this low again.

If you are in another state, please contact me and I’ll see if we can get streaming set up for you, or a recording!

Your Workshop Ticket includes:

In person sales toolkit, delivered electronically prior to workshop
In person sales instruction, including the technical set up required for quick and easy in person sales entry
Instruction in pricing and packages
Personalized feedback on your pricing and marketing materials

Optional Follow Up includes:

1 hour personalized virtual meeting with Brooke to go over pricing and IPS strategy within 60 days of the completion of the workshop

Running a photography business that is profitable and can support your family is not only possible, it is completely attainable!

Click here to register for the workshop! There is a special early bird price available through July 29th. Space is extremely limited, only 10 spots are open, and this price will never be available again. Don’t wait, this will sell out!