Product Review: Danielle LaPortes Desire Map Planner Review

AhhhH! Today is the day! Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner Review for the new 2018 planners!

I was going to do an unboxing of the planner but then I decided that I’m just not that patient and couldn’t wait that long. Sorry, you don’t get to see the box. But I DID share the new planners when I opened on Instagram – because who doesn’t like getting pretty things in the mail?!

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BUT – I do have a super special post and share for you today, Danielle LaPorte’s 2018 Desire Map Planner Review!

I haven’t ever really done a planner review before, although because I have used so many of them, I definitely have opinions. I know how personal it can be, and everyone uses their planner for different things! So in my review, I share how I use the planner, because quite frankly, I don’t really use it to plan my schedule. I know I know, that’s what a planner is for, right? Not in my world!

I use Google calendar almost exclusively for appointments and such, for several reasons, but that’s another blog post. Basically let’s just say that I don’t want to have my appointments all written down in something that I have to carry with me everywhere. I have way too many things to carry as it is, with my kiddos adding more and more to my purse every day. I don’t need to add more!

I have used so many different planners, and all of them have something positive that I could say about them – but this is truly the only one that has ever really STUCK with me. Some of them are too big, some of them have bindings that fall apart, and some of them don’t really work for what I need.

This planner encourages you to think about the big picture, what you’re moving towards and WHY you have the goals that you have – which I absolutely love. I am definitely a goals kind of girl, I did an entire series on setting attainable and actionable goals for 2017. But really, when looking at your goals, you have to consider the WHY behind them. WHY do you want to make that much? WHY do you want to shoot that many weddings? WHY do you want to have a certain type of client? What will it add to your life overall, what will it feed for you?


There is a whole book that outlines the process for digging deeper, this planner is a compliment to the book. You do not have to have read the book in order to use the planner, but it will help you really be specific!

I did a video review, even though I feel completely uncomfortable with video… I’m trying here! You can see my full review below.

If you know you want one and MAN you don’t want to wait anymore, click here to order yours!* Plus the tattoos are pretty freakin’ awesome too.

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