Creative Business Help – The Dark Side of Perfectionism

Time for some Creative Business Help – help that I need too. Ready?

I haven’t posted here in awhile. Truth, I haven’t posted on either of my blogs in awhile. Why? Because it’s not perfect yet.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Seriously? What is wrong with me? Why does something have to be perfect for me to post it? Clearly, I have issues.

Truth bomb: Perfectionism is not a badge of honor.

Are there times when my perfectionism has served me? Absolutely. But it has hurt me even more than it has done me any good.

It keeps me from doing things that I know I should be doing. It keeps me from sharing my work with the world. It keeps me from doing SO MANY THINGS that I really want to do, but hey, I’m not really sure I want to put that out there just yet.

I recently read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I will be doing a full book review soon, but until that is available, here is a quick sentence review. BUY THE BOOK AND READ IT IF YOU ARE A CREATIVE PERSON.

Seriously, it is a fantastic book!

There are so many things that really struck me, it’s hard to narrow them down, but this not only struck me while reading, but sticks with me. As in, I might need to tattoo it on my arm so I can see it every damn day.

“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.”

If perfectionism is something that you struggle with, say that out loud three times with me.

“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.”
“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.”
“Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.”

Do you feel it? Do you FEEL the truth in that? My perfectionism that I hold onto, the REASON I don’t share things, is really just fear. And what the heck am I afraid of? I’m not entirely sure yet. Disapproval? Maybe.

Regardless of what the root fear is, the fact is that I’m allowing perfectionism fear dictate what I do. I’m allowing this power in my life, and in my business.

To what end?

Even more importantly: WHY?

I’m not sure yet, I haven’t figured out those answers. When I do, I’ll let you know.

If you are a perfectionist, or even if you don’t really admit it, but know it deep inside… I want to encourage you.

I encourage you to put yourself out there to the world. Share your work. Move forward with your big ideas. Do crazy things. Change the world. Tell perfectionism to take a hike, DONE is better than PERFECT.

Isn’t it funny how the things we write to encourage others, are so often the things we personally need to hear as well?