011 – Why Self Care is Not Only Important, but ESSENTIAL to Building Your Business with Elena Lipson | Entrepreneur Self Care

Well hello there beautiful entreprenesses and entrepreneurs! I am thrilled to have an amazing interview available for you today, with the crazy brilliant Elena Lipson, a coach and teacher that focuses on being productive and reaching your goals because of self care! Entrepreneur self care is something that tends to fall by the wayside because let’s be real – we are SO BUSY with so many things happening, that by the time we take care of our families and our businesses, there isn’t much left for ourselves! Elena and I are going to talk about energy cycles, a morning routine, what it can do for your life and your business, and about what to do with those fearful thoughts that can sometimes take over when you’re facing something that you haven’t done before. I can tell you from experience that even for someone who is NOT a morning person, that morning routine is truly life changing!

Key Topics

  • The importance of listening to your body
  • The problems with hustle and hard work
  • How we don’t’ have to do anything in our business we choose to do things on our business

Major Takeaways

  • Where Elena’s passion for self care came from (02:54)
  • How self care is about managing your energy levels mindfully so you know what things it makes sense to do in your business (15:16)
  • Self care is a lifestyle that gives you the enthusiasm and energy to do the things you love to do (16:32)
  • The value on not beating yourself up when you don’t feel like doing anything (19:12)
  • How to get started with self care in a realistic way(22:25)
  • Doing small changes consistently (24:12)
  • How mothers need to take care of their own needs as well as taking care of everyone else (29:03)
  • Modelling self care to your children is important (31:32)
  • How our culture rewards self sacrifice (35:15)
  • Changing how you are being rather than what you are doing (36:07)
  • Figuring out who you are trying to be and being that person now (37:10)
  • Elena’s Magic Morning Routine (41:06)
  • Ideas for journaling (47:10)
  • Dealing with fearful emotions (49:25)
  • Elena’s feminine metrics of success (51:53)
  • How the stories we tell ourselves can cause us to limit ourselves (56:08)
  • The importance of support and asking for help (61:20)

Now What?

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