010 – Why Automation is NOT a Dirty Word, and How to Use it for an Amazing Client Experience with Tim Hussey | Photography Business Help | Photography Workflow | Photography Podcast

Well hello there you amazing business owner, ready for some photography business help? Question for you: What are you doing right now? Walking the dogs? Working out? Taking a relaxing bath? Or maybe you’re grabbing a bite to eat in between all of the mundane tasks that you have to do in your business! The struggle is REAL y’all and today we’re going to talk about automation for photographers and photography workflow!

“Until you’re ready to just relinquish some of that control to someone else to help you, you’re gonna stay at that same level or worse, because you’ll get so burned out, you’ll collapse under all that pressure and stress, and your business could actually fail.” – Tim Hussey, Pixifi

I’m SUPER excited to bring you today’s episode in whatever moment you’re in because today’s episode will show you some ways that you can have MORE of those moments! This is the first time we have ever had a GUY on the podcast, and while I love to highlight amazing female entrepreneurs, I believe strongly in extending the conversation to other areas too. Tim Hussey is my guest today, the owner, developer, and just all around badass from Pixifi – the studio management and CRM software that I use. We are going to talk about what is sometimes used as a dirty word when it comes to creatives – automation. We go into how to use automation and photography workflow to offer your clients an elevated and consistent experience, and how you can avoid being the bottleneck in your own business and growth! Seriously, this episode is amazing and can completely change your life in that using automation can give your life BACK to you! Plus he has an amazing offer for you too!

You might be hesitant when you hear the word automate but I promise that we will have an open and crazy honest conversation about it, as Tim Hussey shares the incredible benefits of automation, how to get started automating your business. Automation can not only save you TIME, but can save help you to maintain a lifestyle that you want! Because isn’t that the real reason that we go into business for ourselves? To design our lives, right!?

Key Topics

  • Automation and why it’s not a terrible thing but can save you
  • How to get started automating your business, what does automation mean?
  • Opportunities with automation, marketing ideas

Major Takeaways

  • Where Pixifi came from and Tim’s background (4:30)
  • Why business owners are hesitant to automate certain parts of their business (8:11)
  • Getting in your own way (10:25)
  • What can be done with automation (14:45)
  • Booking pages (19:28)
  • How can you add value to someone’s day (27:50)
  • Integrating Pixifi into your website (35:00)
  • What automation can look like for someone who is scared to take the first step (38:15)
  • Importance of having systems in place (46:12)
  • Outsourcing (51:00)
  • How to use custom workflows in your business (54:09)
  • Advice for those stuck on paper (57:17)

Now What?

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Yep, more notes – don’t judge me, I am not a drawing artist. 😉 But a cliffnotes version, right?

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