008 – Getting OUT of Impostor Syndrome and Comparison-itis with Hayley Collins! | Small Business Impostor Syndrome

Hello and welcome beautiful entrepreneurs! In this episode I am excited to have an interview with the amazing Hayley Collins, a leadership and business coach. We talk about surrounding yourself with awesome people, and what a community and relationships can do to help you grow, both in your business, and your life! We’re also going to talk about how to deal with imposter syndrome and how to get out of that terrible disease – comparison-itis. Small business impostor syndrome is REAL and can kill so many dreams!

Hayley talks about being mindful of where you spend your energy, how a coach can be a vital part of your community and how to choose the right coach for you. She became a CEO at 29 and is now a business coach and consultant. She works with millennial small business owners and other small business owners, helping them to climb the ladder and develop those skill you need in the c-suite. Yep because as a business owner YOU are in that c-suite my friends, a CEO and leader! Sometimes that can be weird to think about though, am I right?

Let’s go!

Key Topics

  • How deal with small business imposter syndrome
  • That we don’t need a degree or a certificate to be competent in something
  • How comparing ourselves to others can lead to negative self talk
  • How a business coach can be an important part of your community

Major Takeaways

  • The need to learn leadership skills, both hard and soft (01:47)
  • Every single leader is making it up as they go along and if you’re experiencing small business imposter syndrome, you’re doing something right (05:19)
  • If you achieve mastery you are no longer growing (09:53)
  • How comparing ourselves to others really impacts us (11:10)
  • The difference between the positive self talk and the negative self talk that comes from comparing ourselves (13:25)
  • The importance of managing your energy (14:22)
  • Setting priorities and letting go of the rest (16:48)
  • The importance of building relationships and community (20:38)
  • How a coach can benefit you (22:48)
  • The power in having someone to hold you accountable (25:50)
  • Tips on what to look for in a mentor (28:37)
  • How to choose the right coach for you (30:35)
  • The benefits of being a millennial entrepreneur and how they need support in a different way (33:18)
  • The power of letting go of expectations, bother other peoples and your own (39:20)

Now What?

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And because I keep getting asked to share the notes… Yes. I’m a dork with a shark pencil case and a million colors. Be gentle, I’m not very good at drawing, I just doodle. But if my notes will help someone else I will put them out there!

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