007 – Marketing strategies to set you APART in a crazy industry! | Small Business Marketing Help | Photography Marketing Help

Well hello there amazing entrepreneurs, ready for some small business marketing help? Or maybe you’re running a photography business and you’re like “how the heck am I going to get more clients?” Photography marketing help, for the win!

I am super excited to get into today’s episode, because we are going to talk about something that I get asked ALL THE TIME about – marketing! Jaclyn Mullen is our guest today and marketing is something that both of us really love. She has 21 years of marketing experience – HOLLA! Marketing tends to be this huge umbrella of STUFF that you need to do, but we are going to go into a different way to think about marketing, and building the relationships and actually connecting with your audience in ways that you never thought possible. Because when you can connect with someone you’re going to reach the DREAM clients that love what you do, value what you do, and working with them is just a dream!

We’re also going to talk about being a creative person and learning the balance between the creativity with the analytical side of running a business. It is so frustrating to me to have my students tell me that they think one cannot exist WITH the other! YES awesome ladies – they can exist together! We cover marketing tools and tactics, how to create a useful profile of your audience and the importance of networking.

We also talk about the golden question that I see everywhere right now: Is blogging dead? Jaclyn answers that question and looks at the advantages of content creation and leveraging the content to build relationships that will grow your business!

Key Topics

  • Three important things to consider when marketing
  • The importance of tracking and metrics
  • Issues to consider when determining your prices
  • How creating content helps with people finding you
  • Overcoming the fear of networking
  • Having a service mindset

Major Takeaways

  • How marketing is all about creating relationships (02:43)
  • How Jaclyn went from being a performing artist to being a knowledgable marketer (03:58)
  • Marketing is all about building relationships and social media is simply a tool to do that (08:53)
  • The different types of marketing tactics (09:21)
  • Identifying your audience and creating a vision board of that audience (10:05)
  • It is important to be patient when marketing (12:19)
  • The importance of tracking your marketing (13:08)
  • How building a profile of your ideal client is not just age bracket and income (13:50)
  • That tracking your marketing can be a creative process (15:03)
  • How to balance your creative pursuit and managing a business day to day (16:09)
  • The importance of working out the cashflow and accounting of your creative business before you start it (16:27)
  • The Latte Factor – small expenditures add up (18:05)
  • Overcome overwhelm by finding other people to talk to about your business (19:06)
  • The importance of building time into your pricing and how you do that (22:02)
  • Testing how long a job will actually take you (26:10)
  • Is blogging still relevant? (27:47)
  • Ways to create content (28:56)
  • How to overcome the fear of networking and meeting people (33:30)
  • Making a goal of meeting one person (37:13)
  • When approaching another business, always have an idea of what you can offer them (39:57)
  • Figure out a question you can ask people and find out who they are outside of business (41:44)
  • As a creative person, how do you embrace the analytical side of your business? (43:13)
  • Picking one business thing every month to get stronger at (45:27)
  • Look at your finances every week (47:34)

Now What?


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