006 – The Kickass About Page Formula – 3 Things you MUST have! Plus a bonus! | Photographer About Page Help

Well hello there you amazing entrepreneurs, welcome back to another episode of Business Straight Up – a small business podcast for creatives and photographers to learn the business skills they need! We are going to dive into some photographer about page help – because I have worked with my students on this QUITE a bit, and it is one of the most neglected pages on so many creatives’ websites.

I want your about page to reach out to your dream clients and really connect with them, so that they can BOOK you, and you can work with the people you want to serve most! We’re going to talk about my Kickass About Page Formula and I’m going to walk you through exactly what to share on your about page – because seriously, this is one of the top pages on my website. It is SO popular that I now have THREE of them. Yep, true story.

Ready to re-write your about page? I know it seems daunting, but I’m here to help, and once we’re done it will show YOU off to the world!

So let’s do this!

Key Topics

  • An about page helps people make an educated decision to hire someone who is a perfect fit for them
  • How to use your about page to attract your ideal client
  • Showing who you are quickly and easily in a way which resonates with others
  • Having an action you want people to take after reading your about page

Major Takeaways

  • How Brooke’s about page has influenced clients decision to contact her and hire her (02:38)
  • Don’t copy or plagiarise from other people’s websites (04:23)
  • You about page is your intro to the world (06:00)
  • Principle 1 : Clearly communicate your concerns and understanding (07:20)
  • The importance of showing that you understand your ideal client and their concerns (07:55)
  • Principle 2a: Introduce yourself (10:05)
  • What you say is brand specific (10:37)
  • The power in showing some vulnerability (11:49)
  • Principal 2b: Share your why (14:03)
  • Sharing a story about why you do what your do that the reader can connect with (15:01)
  • Principal 3: A call to action (17:56)
  • Have a specific goal for every page of your website (18:34)
  • Make sure you put the action you want people to take, on the page, twice (19:17)
  • Bonus Principal: Have a picture of yourself (20:12)
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality through your photos (21:03)
  • Your clients want to know who you are, why you do what you do and why they should hire you (23:07)

Now What?

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