005 – Designing a BRAND, not just a business with Melissa Burkheimer | Small Business Branding Help

Well hello there, gorgeous, welcome back! I am excited to welcome you to today’s episode with the awesome Melissa Burkheimer for some small business branding help! She is a brand strategist, designer and creative director. So many business owners think that branding is just a logo but there are so many things that go into creating a brand. We’re going to talk about what having a brand really means and how to have your brand be consistent across every aspect of your business. Design is important but EMOTION will reach so many people that you haven’t reached before, and your brand should convey and draw emotion from your dream clients!

On this episode of Business Straight Up, a small business podcast for creative entrepreneurs, we are going to dive into small business branding help.

Melissa talks about how she transitioned into being a freelancer and how her business has grown and developed. She gives advice on how to bring the brand into all aspects of your business and how branding starts with asking questions about what your business is really about. Because hey, if you don’t know what your business is really about, how will your tribe know, and more importantly, your dream clients!

Key Topics

  • The importance of networking to find clients and opportunities
  • The benefits of having ongoing work with clients instead of just one-off projects
  • With good design and small business branding help, your brand can grow with you
  • The importance of asking the right questions about what your business is about, before determining your brand design

Major Takeaways

  • How Melissa transitioned into a creative freelancer (02:30)
  • Going from taking all possible clients and work, to thinking like a CEO and being selective (07:27)
  • The benefits of having ongoing clients (09:40)
  • How a brand is about the whole business experience (12:00)
  • Using the design for one aspect of the business as the inspiration for the design for another aspect (13:24)
  • A brand is how someone feels every time they interact with a piece of your business (13:50)
  • How many businesses aren’t consistent with their brand (14:18)
  • Deciding what you want to be known for will make everything else clearer (15:22)
  • How knowing your ideal client will help with making decisions (15:46)
  • You don’t have to be right for everyone as there is enough business for everybody (17:14)
  • How to turn a business into a brand and the power of good photography (20:18)
  • Determining the actions you want visitors to your website to take (21:56)
  • When starting out, it’s important to focus on the work before developing the perfect website (24:51)
  • Working out which website platform to use (27:02)
  • Melissa’s experience with hiring a copywriter (31:15)
  • Tips for developing your sales or booking page (34:33)

Now What?


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Edited to add – I write crazy notes during these recordings… and someone asked me to share. Umm, weird, I’m definitely not great at drawing but I do like colored pens! So here we go, notes from this episode!

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