003 – Productivity! 3 Tips to Move Forward Toward Your Goals! | Photographer Business Help

On this episode of Business Straight Up, a small business podcast for creative entrepreneurs and photographer business help, I share three things you can start doing TODAY to get more done.

Let’s dive into strategies that allow you to maximize your time for greater productivity and a better business, shall we?

Start making the most of your time so you can make the most of your business and ultimately, the most of the gifts you’ve been given! Time is the most valuable resource we have – and every single one of us has the same amount every single day. You get 24 hours to do what you need to do, and really, when you’re sleeping well, only about 16. So what are you doing in those 16 hours to design the life you dream of?

Key Topic
Three things you can start doing today to get more done.

Major Takeaways

  • My first photography session (1:20)
  • Struggling to book clients (2:52)
  • Focus on business and not just shooting photos (3:19)
  • Tracking time (5:17)
  • Outsourcing (5:30)
  • FreshBooks – Free option for time tracking (6:30)
  • Multitasking as a mom (8:30)
  • If you continue multitasking in your business, you are shooting yourself in the foot (9:00)
  • Context switching (9:45)
  • Three things you can do right now to help you be more productive in your business (11:05)
  • Plan your day (11:30)
  • Decide on three things every day you want to accomplish (13:20)
  • We let things take the time we give them (16:07)
  • Plan specific tasks for specific times (16:30)
  • Plan your week (18:13)
  • Batching (20:45)
  • Keeping like projects together (23:10)
  • Batching social media (24:00)
  • Email and Facebook messages (25:30)

What’s next?

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