Creating the PERFECT Message to Reach Out to Your Ideal Clients with Nicki Krawczyk | Photography Copywriting

Welcome back amazing entreprenesses and entrepreneurs to another episode of Business Straight Up, the Podcast for creatives and photographers to design a business and life they love! Have you ever sat down in front of your computer with a blank screen in front of you, ready to type something AWESOME out, and you just freeze? Let’s be real – photography copywriting and content for photographers can be TERRIFYING and the overwhelm can make you feel STUCK. You might have a ton of great ideas and they just fly away, or maybe you are fresh out of ideas!

Today’s episode is an interview with an amazing copywriter, Nicki Krawczyk, and we are going to dive into COPY. What the heck is copy and why is the messaging SO important, so that you can craft a message that not only attracts your ideal clients, but has them LINING UP to book you. Like those memes on Facebook – Take my money! She also includes what I think is one of the BEST content ideas for wedding and portrait photographers and how to talk about it – YES, I know that content for photographers can be something that is a hairy subject! This is seriously an amazing idea, and something you can implement NOW in your business, whether it’s your website or email marketing… Just a little nugget there!

Nikki has been a copywriter for 15 years. She has written for companies such as Hasbro, Adidas and TJ Maxx. She has even written the back cover of Harlequin romance novels – and yes, I asked the question I’m sure everyone wants to know when it comes to that job! 8 years ago she created a company to teach people how to become professional copywriters. Now she works with solopreneurs, both writing for them and teaching them how to write.

In this episode we talk about what copy is and how important it is to use words to show your audience who you are. We discuss authenticity, providing value to your audience and what will attract clients toy our business.

Ready for some awesome information? Let’s do it!

Key Topics

  • People hire people not businesses
  • Being authentic will attract the right people to your business
  • The importance of consistently providing value to your audience


  • Nicki’s background and why she likes teaching people to write better copy (03:36)
  • What Nicki had to read in order to write the back cover of a romance novel (06:37)
  • What copy actually is and how it differs from content (07:38)
  • Why you need words as well as images to attract your clients (10:18)
  • Why your about page is so important and how it helps you stand out from people who offer similar services (13:13)
  • How copy helps your audience self select so that you get the clients that are right for you (14:56)
  • People hire people and not businesses (18:49)
  • How authentically connecting with your audience means you don’t have to actually sell (21:11)
  • Nikki talks about the ‘Customer Love Sequence’ (22:27)
  • Why you need to provide value when communicating with your audience and how to do this (24:27)
  • Don’t be afraid of giving information away (28:45)
  • The importance of sharing your why as well as the how (29:29)
  • How what you do is not just about the end result, but the why behind it (31:21)
  • Why Nikki dislikes templates for copy (34:28)
  • How to tell the difference from great messaging and mediocre messaging (39:16)
  • The importance of giving your audience a call to action (42:17)
  • How being authentic will help you connect to your audience (45:43)
  • People don’t buy on our schedules (49:08)
  • The importance of being consistent with communicating with your audience (50:50)
  • Tell people why a specific photo shoot worked so well both to educate and to show why you are good at what you do (51:43)
  • Talk about photo shoots where things went wrong and you still got amazing photos (53:52)
  • The trap of using industry language that doesn’t speak to your audience (54:38)
  • Why quitting things and travelling are the best decisions Nikki has made (61:27)

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