001 – 5 Questions to Build and Define Your Ideal Client Profile | Small Business Podcast & Photography Marketing Help

Welcome to the FIRST episode of the Business Straight Up Podcast, a small business podcast for creative entrepreneurs and photographers! Today we are going to tackle some photography marketing help and small business marketing. I am excited to have you here, let’s talk about this episode!

On the inaugurual episode of the Business Straight Up podcast, I go into a little bit of my background. So just in case you don’t know who the heck I am, I’m Brooke Summer, an international award-winning boudoir and women’s photographer based in Denver, Colorado. I have run a six figure photography business for several years now and am a full time photographer and educator, and now a podcast host! My number one goal with BOTH of my businesses – my photography business and in mentoring and education – is to remind women of their worth and encourage them to embrace it and KNOW it. That is my love, what I most want to do for women, and it takes on a few different roles. First in my photography specializing in intimate portraiture, and second in my work with female entrepreneurs that got into business because they love what they do and find that they need help with the BUSINESS side of running their own business!


SO MANY photographers ask me for photography marketing help – and the reality is that if you don’t know your ideal client intimately, you will be sending out marketing messages blindly, with next to no return. Really defining and knowing your ideal client will help you KNOW whether your marketing messages are going to resonate with your audience, and help you to be successful!

Listen in for why I got into photography, why I started the Business Straight Up podcast, and why I want to CHALLENGE so much of the “help” when it comes to your ideal client.

Knowing your ideal client intimately will help you make SO many decisions in your business, and a lot of the advice on how to figure this out is incomplete at best.

In this episode I will walk you through five important questions to ask yourself to build and define your ideal client, the foundation for your business and everything that goes into it!

Key Topic:
Five key questions to build and define your ideal client profile to sharpen your marketing and reach out to the dream clients you really want to work with!

Want to work through the worksheet as you listen? Enter your information to download your free Ideal Client Profile worksheet!

Major Takeaways:

  • How and why I started in photography – my first session was… guess how much? (1:25)
  • Working with clients who are onboard with your mission and overall goals (2:40)
  • Five questions you can work through to define and really get to know your ideal client (3:30)
  • The magic question after you answer the big five (17:30)
  • My homework assignment for you and free download (21:00)

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